100 % Woven

an high level of process

100 % Woven

High Quality Material

we don’t talk only about the quality of the material, but also the quality of all our services

High Quality Material

Super Strong

we want to image MelCarpet as a investment. This is something who lasts many years, even with a passing frequency as in an office.

Super Strong

Our collections

Coll.-BlackWhiteColl.-White-SensationColl.-Laboratory-IColl.-Laboratory-II Coll.-Laboratory-III

We have a total of 5 collections on the market. Black&White, White Sensation, Laboratory I, Laboratory II, Laboratory III. The year 2015 is the year of colors. We are launching three different designs, of which Laboratory I is the first. White Sensation a all-white base collection and the original MelCarpet Collection "Black&White" is still a trend MelCarpet collection.



About MelCarpet

« A Presence in the market for many years, as well as top-quality and product design, has enabled MelCarpet to forge a solid reputation as a producer of luxury products. As a result, MelCarpet has acquired a good market position. Its carpets deck the floors of many large businesses, such a major bank, insurance companies and other large firms, all over Europe.»

« MelCarpet Vision

The values that stand out the most are quality and professional design. We want to deliver a carpet that fulfils our final customers highest expectations. Therefore, we continously work on improving our products and customer services. Our goal is to find even better ways to satisfy our clients. In the coming year, we want to attain the leading position in the luxury carpet market. »



Peter J. Grossniklaus

Peter J. Grossniklaus

CEO MelCarpet

« MelCarpet is a famous brand all over the world. We believe in his quality, in is renowned, in his character to achieve great success! »

Mirko Zanchetta

Mirko Zanchetta

CMO MelCarpet

« We build our communication around the quality of the raw material. Is not simple to put together a good fabrication process and good raw Material, so if we do it, we have to communicate it, that’s simply normality ».


We are looking for agencies

One of our objectives is to find agents, wholesalers and retailers worldwide. It is therefore not a simple business relationship, but a collaboration of 360°. It is essential for us to provide the best sales tools, a proper supply chain process for the market, and to transmit the right value of high quality.


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